Game Design

For the game design of Cargo, I first analyzed some adventure games that I found to be good examples. The result has been a way of notating the puzzles in the games as series of basic actions, leading up to the solution to the overall game. I modelled the game's puzzles in a similar way, with puzzles that can be approached and solved in parallel.


Cargo is programmed usingĀ Adventure Game Studio. I developed the idea of adding in-game editing as a new paradigm to AGS, and I am preparing a bog post on this topic at the moment.


I wanted to get early feedback on the game and be able to play through all the story and the scripts before going into production. For this, I started with a series of sketches that already featured all elements to be placed in the final game. With this prototype, I was able to play through the game myself for the first time, and I also carried out tests with the first players with this prototype.

Even after I went into production, I made sure that I remained agile with the game, so that elements could be added or changed without breaking what I had produced.


A sketch of the cargo facility used for prototyping the game.


As a programmer by trade, I had to learn the most in this regard. I created a workflow that has been working well for me, switching between 2D and 3D software and remaining agile with the workflow.

More Information

More details on Cargo's development will be posted on my regular blog.